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Integral Ecology recognizes that if we are to make any real headway in solving the growing sustainability and ecological challenges we face today, we have to figure out the human part of the equation. There is scarcely any single patch of earth left untouched by human beings – our way of life is impacting every single ecological system. For this reason it is imperative that we include in our work as ecologists, activists, politicians, entreprenueurs, and international sustainability advocates, a focus on effective integral leadership, communication and mediation skills, conflict resolution and methods of operating in multi-stakeholder situations. As the task at hand is daunting, to say the least, it is also key that integral ecologists include self awareness practices, engage in an Integral Life Practice and learn to nourish and take care of their own well-being.
The understanding of the Integral framework and most importantly the embodiment of an integral stance as we engage with and plan for the natural world, will result in an increased capacity and willingness to view the world through other sentient beings’ eyes (people, creatures great and small, and the earth itself), and it will also help in identifying one’s own perspective, therefore increasing one’s ability to navigate and embrace multiple perspectives simultaneously. In our present environmental crisis this very ability could make the difference between success and failure. Integral ecology offers a framework for appreciating the fullness of ecological complexity and enables a meta-perspective on an often overwhelming and extremely complex topic. It considers and includes the subjective, objective, interobjective and intersubjective realities, and how they all interact. As we face critically important issues related to climate change, water supply, biodiversity, water supply, and energy policy, we may be left wondering how we can navigate the next decades as a human family. Integral ecology offers a unique set of tools, skills and understandings that allow us to be co-creators in building a healthy emergent global ecology. Through an integral awareness we can better recognize and use an understanding of developmental levels and perspectives in bringing together energy and vision to make a real difference and effect positive environmental change.
We invite you to join our community of international practitioners as we deepen our capacities to design and implement increasingly effective ecology and sustainability programs.


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